Scissor 'Do's'

  • Stop using your scissors immediately if damaged - until they can be sharpened or repaired.

  • Close your hair scissors when not in use to prevent nicks or damage to the blade and to prevent serious personal injury from grabbing open scissors blades.

  • Sharpen regularly, using a reputable professional that knows these scissors and uses the correct tools to to sharpen and maintain. Hair cutting scissors dull gradually, resulting in the need, over time, for using additional pressure with your hands to make cuts. Most scissors require sharpening every three to six months.

  • Replace missing or worn parts as soon as possible. Missing bumpers can cause finger cuts. Improper alignment can cause serious damage to your scissors, and also lead to sore hands.

  • Check the tension of your scissors periodically. If it’s too tight, the blades will grind against each other as they cut, too loose and the blades will fold and bend hair instead of cutting.

  • Wipe clean daily. Stainless steel can be damaged! Some hair tint liquids, hair perm chemicals, and even swimming pool chlorine can cause small pitting of the blades.